Monday, 21 February 2011


I felt for the child,
Who was resented,
From the very beginning.

I saw the confusion,
In her eyes,
At her DNA entrapment.

I caught the scent of conflict,
When she looked,
In your scornful eyes.

I tasted the fear,
That crushed her,
As you laughed aloud.

I heard her cry,
Asking why,
You never gave an answer.


  1. Sounds horrible to me, although it's written well. (That's often the problem with commenting poems for me - the discrepancy between content and form ...) I see a double meaning in the last two lines: She asks why she was resented and why she didn't get an answer. For children it is much more painful because they tend to dig this in their souls and to give themselves the fault.

  2. Thankyou again :)
    You are completely right, it is horrible, but honest too. She did blame herself.