Saturday, 26 February 2011

My Friend (Poetry)

It was a fascination, an unexplained obsession,
a need that had to be pursued, I know not why,
I give up asking, but know, that this happened for a reason.

Was this reason for, or because of you,
Maybe, my destiny, a need to become more,
than I ever hope for, to feel a personal success,

Yet as the story unfolds, I find gems,
worth more than bullion gold,
the chance encounters, with poetic souls,

The gifted ones, who with a stroke of the pen,
reduce me to tears, or transport me, to another domain,
who feed me, with food for my heart and mind,

Who humble me, with a kindness of the soul,
strength in the face of adversity, the like I have never known,
Touch by passion, to instill change, upon the world,

So I thank you, most kindly my friend,
for such a perfect introduction,
and for the candle flame, lit for me,
leading me out of the crowded darkness.


  1. I felt the feathers ruffle in your soul when I read your poem. It is overflowing with emotion. You have a passion & a purpose to write ... & when certain people drip their ink into your veins you feel the inspiration surging through your body. It feels like your internal shutters have been opened & something within you has been released. Belief? Freedom? Destiny? Whatever it is, you are realising that you are already a poet, a writer. You have it, whatever it is, & you are writing yourself into existence each time you arrange your words into beautiful patterns on your paper/screen. If I have in some small way set light to your candle flame, Abigail, I feel honoured & privileged to have done so. But it is your candle, your light ... & the words that keep drawing such positive comments from those who read your poetry are all yours too. Thank you for sharing those words ... stay in the light.

  2. Thank you Abigail. You are such an extraordinary poet and it is an honour to be considered a friend and a peer. I couldn't have said it better than Peter and I second his comment wholeheartedly. Q x

  3. Then I am again, most grateful of such high praise. Glad you both liked it. :)