Monday, 28 February 2011

Exploring new forms - Tanka

Spring steps forward now
her gown sweeps like gentle rain

she smiles down as sun

waking sleeping plants softly
sprinkling love to all found.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

A mothers love, dear friend

I felt her pain hitting me, howling on the winds of Maine,
her tears cut into my skin, lashing like ice laden rain,

sorrowful was her heart, for injustice from the start,
she yearns to hold her child, without memories defiled,

now a soldier of war, a man with family and more,
maybe he didn't realise, the pain his absence provides,

yet still the boy inside, wanting for his father's eyes,
willing to forgive all, for just one chance to stand tall,

save your tears dear friend, for history will out in the end,
those were not wasted years, you care to much to pretend,

for every little sacrifice, with all the scars cut on your life,
your path may be hard to walk, but you are far more than talk,

right from the start, you were an angel, to our hearts,
you understood our pain, helped us back up again,

so please understand, you are so much more,
than just a mother now, my sweet dear friend.

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Tyntesfield (A pair of Gogyohka)

Wandering ~ in peaceful solitude ~ they wondered ~ in awe of beautiful surrounds ~ did not realise the grounds were closed

 Sunlit today ~ her naked beauty ~ a sight to behold ~ paradigm shift ~ Now scaffolding unfolded

(Picture kindly provided by Mr N Baker - Frozen in time images)

My Friend (Poetry)

It was a fascination, an unexplained obsession,
a need that had to be pursued, I know not why,
I give up asking, but know, that this happened for a reason.

Was this reason for, or because of you,
Maybe, my destiny, a need to become more,
than I ever hope for, to feel a personal success,

Yet as the story unfolds, I find gems,
worth more than bullion gold,
the chance encounters, with poetic souls,

The gifted ones, who with a stroke of the pen,
reduce me to tears, or transport me, to another domain,
who feed me, with food for my heart and mind,

Who humble me, with a kindness of the soul,
strength in the face of adversity, the like I have never known,
Touch by passion, to instill change, upon the world,

So I thank you, most kindly my friend,
for such a perfect introduction,
and for the candle flame, lit for me,
leading me out of the crowded darkness.

Sunrise has moved on

Posted in 'The nance marie Daily' with grateful thanks to Peter Wilkin 


This morning when I woke,
I could not have known,
no knowledge did I have,
of what was to become,

As I started my journey,
It crept up from behind,
A tease in my rear view mirror,
Just a little glimpse of heaven,

Compelled to stop, I obeyed,
Turning to admire,
The full canvas uncovering,
Sunrise of the new day,

First a delicate pink,
Surrounded by indigo clouds,
with tinge of golden yellow,
Inky blue blackness fading fast,

Then like a crescendo,
The colours flood the sky,
Burning orange bleeds,
as molten gold erupts,

I cannot tear my eyes away,
the beauty is too great,
drawn into the moment,
I stand alone in awe,

finally, when it feels like,
It could not ever improve,
Dawn steps out her bed,
It the most delicate of blues.

Good morning world, I love you.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

This dance

What is this dance, I know it well,
yet never have we met,
we circle together, feeling the steps,

like magnets, we are pushed and pulled,
as if against our will, but willingly we meet,
once more, we stare uncomprehending,

the force that draws, beyond the laws,
of known human emotion, circle we must,
for this energy creates, sparks of iridescence,

in timeless space, our sparks do grace,
the air and dreams anew, so here I stand,
a breath a way, still not understanding.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Double take (encore)

After any artistic performance,
those select, creative, few,
should be entitled to take a bow,

For the audience to applaud,
to show grateful admiration,
at the efforts made for them,

I often sit in God's theatre,
watching Nature perform,
possibly, the best show, ever put on,

So precious few, show appreciation,
to the architects, of all that we survey,
we have after all, the best seats for today,

After the final curtain, the rain(bow),
an eternal symbol of peace,
In a fleeting magic glimpse.

The very smile of God is next,
carved by Nature herself,
Chesil beach, the longest bow,
seems held for an eternity,

Finally comes special mention,
of precious beings, touched by genius,
pause for the bridges, before you cross.
To admire their beautiful bows.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Therapy First

Walking down the steps,
looking at the slightly wilted plants,
it still feels, like I am out of place,
yet, down into the basement I go,

she is waiting of course,
a kind, yet oddly stern face,
I imagine she could be a teacher,
if she wanted,

always a glass of water by my side,
she sits down,
takes up her pen and smiles,
so, how are you then?

Monday, 21 February 2011


Is it to late,
Maybe its fate,
This feeling makes me woolly,

For those who go,
But never know,
Beyond the witching hour,

Where colours bleed,
The mind recedes,
Back to the world of dreams,

Our's is a place,
Of wonderous grace,
Where magic kisses the soul,


I felt for the child,
Who was resented,
From the very beginning.

I saw the confusion,
In her eyes,
At her DNA entrapment.

I caught the scent of conflict,
When she looked,
In your scornful eyes.

I tasted the fear,
That crushed her,
As you laughed aloud.

I heard her cry,
Asking why,
You never gave an answer.


Like a creeping blanket of mist, it submerges,
Suffocating willpower, without warning,
Why does he follow, in relentless silence,

Like the angel of death, she flies in, gripping hold,
Feather light on shoulders, taunting whispers,
Why does she always come, breathing poison,

Like cast iron permafrost, it fractures mind,
Destroying tender shoots, crushing its path,
Why was there no warning, to turn the light on.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Poetic Mission

A one man crusade, to change the world, into a fairer place,
armed only with a pen, he set forth then, a smile upon his face,

He knows not why, he has to strive, and struggle for his art,
but pursue it he must, even if, with angst ridden heart,

Late from the start, but devoted, the learning curve was steep,
immersed in words, he dove in, rewarded with comments sweet,

Infected with the lust, to create, he must, put aside works past,
start anew, always reaching for the heights, of ultimate fulfilment.

(Posted with the kind permission of Mr Gwylym Owen, Poet, Artist, and creative spur. thanks friend )

Working window

Wandering in fields of green,
warmed by the winter sun,
wind dropped to gusty breeze,
surrounded by birdsong,

hawk glides purposefully by,
crows scramble to mock,
eye catches catkins,
spring is on the march,

tractor buzzing in the distance,
gentle rolling landscape,
fields divided evenly,
trees and hedges abound,

so take a moment to look,
please enjoy the view,
from my office window,
for this day anyway.

The death of an Art

Tears formed ~ but never fell ~ for the memory ~ known so well ~ choked the words stuck in her throat. (Gogyohka)

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Give me my dreams

Its 4am, I'm robbed again,
From the world of sleep,
All is quiet, in the dark,
Except the rain, outside the pane,
Driving me insane, dripping constantly,

I desert my bed, moved by pain,
Let him sleep, its his gain,
House is cold, feels surreal,
The only sound, water, all around.

Songs of my years, fill my head,
List won't stop, memories, keep topping up,
Then the words, tumbling out,
Flowing now, like a shout, begging to be written.

Can this really be, is this me,
Sharing my thoughts, Out to the ether,
Hoping for honesty, stupid maybe,
But I keep trying, better than lying.

Friday, 18 February 2011

The Dragon within

Awakened was a powerful beast 
the one I had put on a leash 

far stronger than my dark hound 
more dangerous to be around 

how it woke I do not know 
the words maybe, spoken slow 

its holds the memories of those few 
and from its mouth new sparks flew 

so it roams, ceaselessly around my mind 
but maybe this time, I can leave it behind.


Every day I learn,
I have so much more to see,
it only makes me realise,
how little that I know,

so I must persist,
show determination,
a skill I fear is rusty,
small steps in this direction,

to find it hard is natural,
be not discouraged now,
no worthy cause is ever easy,
so read aloud once more.

I watch him sleep

Alarm cuts air ~ he does not stir ~ light filters in ~ cool morning feel ~ I listen to his breathing.

Am I in his dream / I wonder electric kiss / captive to my heart. 

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Father and daughter

You were the first, you will always be, a massive part of me,

You helped create me, you carried me, gave so much happily,

You rejoiced in my achievements, you helped me through my woes,

Then later you proudly held my arm, on that most special day,

I wish I could be with you now, although likely lost for words,

So you could see how very much, you will always mean to me.

Break on through

And a smile appeared, like a sunbeam breaking through the cloud, we know not where the path leads, only that we walk it.

Heart sighs ~ soul sings ~ mind eases ~ peace ~ but why.

Scared now ~ flying on a different plane ~ sanity holding on by fingernails ~ falling with a smile ~ is this me or fantasy

In the lonely shadow

Night brought pain ~ body drained ~ mind missed sleep ~ day lost ~ morning song stolen.

Curtains drawn ~ sounds receding ~ time bleeding ~ torn between ~ bed and water. 

Sunlight presses fabric ~ pain dulls to ache ~ appreciating little birds ~ twittering ~ helps me along

Robbed of confidence / wilting in the harsh daylight / the petals drop now.

Quiet now ~ slowly coming ~ upwards ~ but to what ~ who knows.

Sensing loss ~ forboding feeling ~ twisted logic ~ cannot ~ close the door.

I feel his breath now / on my neck rancid yet warm / once more my dark hound.

Torn between

Curiously ~ she wonders ~ how it came to this ~suspended between ~ one world and the next.

Fairy Princess

Casting spells ~ granting wishes ~ in a pretty gown ~ and crown ~ easier than this

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Tainted Insanity

Just who the hell do you think you are, to treat me in this way,
who woke up and made you god, of all that you survey,
Did my consideration, give you the wrong impression,
that you could treat me worse, than a discarded possession,

Just where do you get off, with projecting on to me,
I never realised my fate of birth, to you meant second class,
did my crime of saying no, warrant your vindictive spree,
are you so blind, can you not see, just look into the glass,

How on earth do you justify, how badly you behave,
to write off years, to write a letter, you must of felt so brave,
to place the blame on my shoulders, by weaving fiction out of fact,
and expect the world and his mother, to pat you on the back.

(Entered for OneShotWednesday - 02-Mar-11)

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Keep quiet

To be beyond angry, to be infinitely sad,
to feel such great frustration, to feel like your going mad,

To want till your mind aches, to stand up tall to it all,
to hold back from the bite, to know when its not your call,

To approach with caution and care, to take second place,
to give up something precious, to accept losing face.

Rage against fear flies the nest

With grateful thanks to Matt Hunter, Zouch Media

Judge me not

As I wander ~ between ~ light and dark ~ Once in a while ~ A soul touched by grace passes me by.


Surfing the rainbow / sky reflecting joyful soul / gently on earth now.


Soft creak of leather, all the better,
a scratch of lace, with first embrace,

Quick glimpse of skin, drawing him in,
her perfume warm, his senses storm,

Her is voice low, taking it slow,
she see a light, no time to fight,

Alone in the dark, with pounding heart,
Yearning for more, he turned from the door.

Monday, 14 February 2011

Valentine swan song, she sings

The difference between passionate imagination and insanity, is your actions.

Love is service ~ picking up the pieces ~ mending shattered dreams ~ stepping into the darkside ~ holding hands

Passion is separate ~ wicked and desperate ~ longing to escape ~ the confines ~ of the mind.

Kiss me with your words / caress imagination / my passionate poem.

Let me sing for you ~ free spirit ~ let my song pierce your heart ~ for just a second ~ I am within.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Sir George and the Dragon

Sir George had heard the story, of a fair damsel in distress.
kept captive by the welsh dragon, up in his rocky nest,

As is the very duty, of brave young knights of old,
he set forth on his journey, to see what was foretold,

Jumping astride his trusty steed, he the crossed rolling hills,
fording through the rivers, his blood felt only thrill,

Finally upon his arrival, at far flung mountain lair,
Leaping down from horse, with sword drawn, he stepped without a care,

For slaying dragons took great might, he knew he might be killed,
but better to be proud martyr, than thought he was not skilled,

Creeping at the entrance, to darkened cave above,
he heard the sound of laughter, a sound unthinkable of,

Within the cave, Elska the brave, gave one last mighty shove,
she stood, straightened her hair, and dusted off her gloves,

Striding out of the cave, she took poor George by fright,
"Fair lady are you unhurt, who saved you from this blight,"

She looked at him a moment, a smile slowly formed,
Oh I see you want to meet HIM, and as comprehension dawned,

Why don't you go, see for yourself, if your game to venture in,
With that she left him standing there, happy with her win,

Never let it be said that chivalry is dead, but it is wise to remember,
This lady can hold her own, and is more than capable to dismember. 

Flying delusions

Wild winds ~ driving rain ~ wondering mind ~ mixing hormones ~ wicked emotions.


In the shadow

Why chase after silver, when you possess gold, in flesh, blood, mind and soul. Love encapsulates all.

On the Outside

Wind sweeping across earth,
caring not for specks like us.

Menacing clouds look on in mirth,
driving rain causing a fuss.

Coldness bites from behind,
stealing away our energy.

Creeping distraction to my mind,
laying the path for lethargy.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

More Gogyohka from my Twitterings

Pastel skies ~ smudged charcoal lines ~ light dwindling ~ silhouettes sharpen ~ twilight beckoning us home

Warm sun glows ~ windows like magnifying glass ~ still I wait ~ in silence ~ radio locked

Rage against Fear

She savaged it to save a smile,
bounced back up from hell,
rising now, star re-born, fired.

Drawing water from the well,
the words are sought, found,
thirst quenched, not drowned.

Destiny mocked, challenged,
he laughed, but she was gone,
carried on the wind of change.

Saturday morning singing with the birds

Gogyohka (the first by accident)

My obsession for progression, driving me, towards reality, standing up to insanity, this voice will be heard

Time running away ~ wish I could stay ~ called by pen ~ ensnared by constraint ~ appointment won't wait

Friday, 11 February 2011

And I think to myself, what a wonderful world - Louis Armstrong

Today has been both stressful and wonderful in almost equal measure, but its always good to be Friday!


Quivering ~ she paused ~ unsure which path to take ~ senses on fire ~ a hesitation not a stop.

Burning embarrassment ~ finally thawed ~ eyes raised from the floor ~ how ironic ~ prosecution for a momentary lapse

Haiku / Senyru

Adrenaline rush / Panic rampant lost control / abating now slowly

Clouds breaking to blue / sunshine warming all below / natures promise holds

Touched by his smile / lifted once again aloft / on lifes merry-go-round

As Christina sang / crowd in abeyance / more than slip of tongue!

Take my trust gently / treat it with care and respect / if lost forever gone

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Making Love

Making Love

Each time we meet, my doorstep treat,
Is looking in your eyes.

Your softly spoken accent, kisses my insides,
Whispering,   just be,   with me,

Your arms are like my fortress, Once closed around my heart,
Even the hordes of hades, could never breach this clasp.

Each thoughtful act of kindness, is your naked embrace,
It takes my breath away, quickening the pace,

You capture my enrapture, with practiced infinite skill,
Finding beauty in all that you see, even there in me,

You tend me when I am sick, a caress softer than velvet,
My soul sings, for the little things, that only you remember,

Each night when sleep is calling, your there right by my side,
My dreams calm in the knowledge, of our last touch divine.

(My latest poem is a celebration of my forever Valentine. For Himself.)

Endeavour to Persevere - (Lone Watie) The Outlaw Josey Wales

Today is one of those days you wish you could stay under the duvet. But Endeavour to Persevere I do. I am very grateful for my lovely husband who woke me with coffee.


Once again ~ Pain seeps in ~ Energy drained ~ Static brain ~ Sluggish body.

Emotion ~ fires creation ~ tearing pain ~ releasing memory ~ stirring the dragon within.

And a new longer poem.


I felt for the the child,
Who was resented,
From the very beginning.

I saw the confusion,
In her eyes,
At her DNA entrapment.

I caught the scent of conflict,
When she looked,
In your scornful eyes.

I tasted the fear,
That crushed her,
As you laughed aloud.

I heard her cry,
Asking why,
You never gave an answer.

Maybe it will be added too, but best get on for now.. :)


What a tangled web / shifting shadows confuse most / keep your head above.  (Politics)

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Memories, Motivation and Music

Today I would like to share a memory. A couple of days ago, I managed to find a poem, part of which has stayed with me for many years. I struggled to find it, as I thought it was from the lyrics of a song.

The memory I have is of spending a couple of creative hours with my sister. She put on a Hanoi Rocks album, and we spend a the time drawing or painting.

This was the Poem (the last verse) that was the abiding memory of that day.

The Paint Box -by E V Rieu

'Cobalt and umber and ultramarine,
Ivory black and emerald green -
What shall I paint to give pleasure to you?'
'Paint for me somebody utterly new.'

'I have painted you tigers in crimson and white.'
'The colours were good and you painted alright.'
'I have painted the cook and a camel in blue
And a panther in purple.' 'You painted them true.

Now mix me a colour that nobody knows,
And paint me a country where nobody goes,
And put in it people a little like you,
Watching a unicorn drinking the dew

My motivation and part of my dream or goal, is to be able to write something good enough to read aloud in public. The invention of Utube has introduced me to Poetry Slam. This video is an excellent example of Slam.

Pretty - by Katie Makkai

(Please note there is at least one swear word, so may not be suitable for children viewing)

In turning my attention back to poetry, I realise poetry has never stopped being a part of my life. I am fortunate to be able to listen to music on the radio when driving as part of my day. The more I listen, the more poetic lyrics I discover. I have a marvelous soundtrack to my life!

Moving on, yesterday was a busy day in a practical sense, but I have a couple of things to add:


Heart of a lion ~ size of a mouse ~ shying away ~ slowly - the roar is heard

In work ~ Find peace ~ Sated in mind ~ exercised body ~ balanced soul

Micro Poetry

The soundtrack to my life is poetry, if you can just hear past the music.

Who would have thought such a small act of kindness, could cross continents with a whisper.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

The word of day is.... Loquacious

Loquacious - talking or tending to talk much or freely; talkative; chattering; babbling; garrulous.

Never have I had such a word describe me so well.. It should be my middle name!

I thought it would be nice to share one of my older poems. This one was written for a lovely friend call Ann, in response to a cry from the heart.

I miss you (Mum)
When words are worthless,
and actions void,
I just wish I could stand,
right by your side,

Lower my head,
Wait a while,

Until the moment,
 I could see a smile.

It was my mum's birthday a couple of days ago, she was 61 (and doesn't look it to me) I am so grateful to still have her here to talk to... even if she is the first to call me Loquacious!

Today, a couple of new ones:


 Best to avoid ~ one's face ~ when pulling ~ electric fence poles ~ out from of sticky mud!

Micro Poetry:
1) Stuck in a paradigm moment, reflective on what might, was, is and will be. 

2) If I could live the moment once more, it would be that smile at the door. 

As you may be able to tell, I take myself far to seriously. I am still recovering from the wounds of my morning accident.

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Brean Down in winter..

I like to walk in high places, where air and earth collide, The feel of space around me, lets me feel like I can fly!

Thanks for the photo Helen.

Gogyōka (5-Line Poetry)

Gogyōka is a form of poetry that is new to me.

My efforts so far, last night and today:

Silence descended ~ they knew ~ to close their eyes ~ be still ~ allow sleep to take hold.

Once more returned ~ Secrets revealed ~ Shared truth ~ Trust ~ My positive side.

Red glow ~ stopping flow ~ wind gusts strong ~ Street Furniture ~ dances to song.

I enjoy this simple yet effective form, it hopefully will help to capture moments in time for my longer projects too. 

Friday, 4 February 2011

Do one thing every day that scares you - Eleanor Roosevelt

Well today has been both and education and a step into the void...

My blog is for me, to help me on my journey. If you wish to tag along, your more than welcome!

Late addition for today:

Is it to late
Maybe its fate
This feeling makes me woolly

For those who go
But never know
Beyond the witching hour

Where colours bleed
The mind recedes
Back to the world of dreams

Our's is a place
Of wonderous grace
Where magic kisses the soul

All poems protected by copyright © 

Thursday, 3 February 2011

New reading list?

I found myself lacking in inspiration today. So in an effort to 'go grab it' I was pleased to find one of the authors I admire the most had taken the time to pick 100 books worthy of reading, to expand 'Stillness'

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Where to start?

Fear is our greatest enemy! It is the fear of failure that stops us trying at all.

And So I will have to start somewhere.. Today was an amazing start to Feb 2011.

Elska - The end of confinement

'Oh happy day, Hail the release, of wildly hairy ginger beast! The winter long dreary trudge, will end in coatings of glorious mud!'

All poems protected by copyright ©