Sunday, 20 February 2011

Poetic Mission

A one man crusade, to change the world, into a fairer place,
armed only with a pen, he set forth then, a smile upon his face,

He knows not why, he has to strive, and struggle for his art,
but pursue it he must, even if, with angst ridden heart,

Late from the start, but devoted, the learning curve was steep,
immersed in words, he dove in, rewarded with comments sweet,

Infected with the lust, to create, he must, put aside works past,
start anew, always reaching for the heights, of ultimate fulfilment.

(Posted with the kind permission of Mr Gwylym Owen, Poet, Artist, and creative spur. thanks friend )


  1. Abigail, Thank you I am honoured to have such a talented Poet, think me worthy, of such an accolade. I love the poem and will visit it often, Thanks.

    Your friend