Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Double take (encore)

After any artistic performance,
those select, creative, few,
should be entitled to take a bow,

For the audience to applaud,
to show grateful admiration,
at the efforts made for them,

I often sit in God's theatre,
watching Nature perform,
possibly, the best show, ever put on,

So precious few, show appreciation,
to the architects, of all that we survey,
we have after all, the best seats for today,

After the final curtain, the rain(bow),
an eternal symbol of peace,
In a fleeting magic glimpse.

The very smile of God is next,
carved by Nature herself,
Chesil beach, the longest bow,
seems held for an eternity,

Finally comes special mention,
of precious beings, touched by genius,
pause for the bridges, before you cross.
To admire their beautiful bows.


  1. love it, abigail. and far too true. we take it for granted *sigh* and yes, me included. nice work :)

    Monty / bum

  2. Thanks Monty, still blushing! :)

  3. Children Take Heed

    We humans-pugnacious and proud

    Demand that our Mother be seen

    But not heard aloud

    No peristalsis must
    She ever risk to show

    While poisoned and disgraced

    From the seeds that we sow
    Using drills, trucks and hammers
    We expect her to yield

    For the advancement of mankind
    For the power we wield

    And what does the Earth have

    That we think we can't claim?
    For this selfish Reason

    We tear Her and maim.

    And when she kicks back
    What can you think to say?
    These ugly tectonics

    Keeping us at bay

    Who is it that tries to run and hide?

    Who was the one trapped having to cry.?
    When the Earth must find release

    Sadly, it seems, someone will die

    How often it is that I walk in the wood

    Playing my flute in gladness
    Expressing the good.

    This Earth has given us all that we need
    When we forget to give thanks

    Then children take heed.

    OneLove--Tiger Windwalker