Friday, 17 June 2011

My Friend (Poetry) - Revised

It was a fascination, an unexplained obsession
a need that had to be pursued. I know not why
I gave up asking, but know that this happened for a reason.

Was this reason for, or because of you?
Maybe it's my destiny, a need to become more
than I ever hoped for, to feel a personal success.

Yet as the story unfolds I find gems
worth more than bullion gold,
chance encounters with poetic souls.

The gifted ones, who with a stroke of the pen
reduce me to tears, or transport me to another domain
then feed me with food for my heart and mind.

They humble me with a kindness of the soul
strength in the face of adversity
the like of which I have never known,
touched by passion to instill change upon the world.

So I thank you most kindly my friend
for such a perfect introduction
and for the candle flame, lit for me
leading me out of the crowded darkness.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

The Ship

Beneath purple painted clouds
grazing honey back lit sky
a single ship on the horizon
atop gently shifting waters
stained with creeping iridescence,
proud beacon silhouetted in the moment.

Witnessing beauty's golden kiss stolen
from her dying daylight breath.
behind the curtains, twilight
waiting with all smothering embrace
welcoming her dark lover
bejeweled night velvet widow.

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Silent Scream

Sirens screeching ever closer
strike a chill into the cool calm night,
shattering peaceful sleeping
as speeding vehicles stream past.

Neighbours glued to television sets
tut impatiently turning volume up
drawing curtains tight as if
to block out the ill of this night.

They are talking but she cannot hear
blood trickles slowly down
a stream of drowned emotions
as they shake their heads.

When they pull the blanket over
few words are said, not a case
of too late more compounded mistake
nobody heard her silent scream.

Finally free from her hollow
shell world the smiling mask
slipped off once more, after
her skull struck the stone floor.

Gently they carry her out
she is not there, she had already
crossed beyond the silver stream
running free as she had always dreamed.

This was not how she had planned
to leave but now in this place
where he could not follow, maybe
it had been her final chance for peace.

Thursday, 2 June 2011


Under the tangled limbs
pools of light form
falling between fingertips,
liquid gold dripping
onto rustic green skin.

A Mediterranean moment
pause of breath held
before the rustling returns.
Sultry summer sky
waiting, watching flies.
Time idles lazily by.

Inside the cool glass
bubbles rising quickly
tickling lips with sweetened
cider scented kiss.
Alfresco in the garden.