Friday, 17 June 2011

My Friend (Poetry) - Revised

It was a fascination, an unexplained obsession
a need that had to be pursued. I know not why
I gave up asking, but know that this happened for a reason.

Was this reason for, or because of you?
Maybe it's my destiny, a need to become more
than I ever hoped for, to feel a personal success.

Yet as the story unfolds I find gems
worth more than bullion gold,
chance encounters with poetic souls.

The gifted ones, who with a stroke of the pen
reduce me to tears, or transport me to another domain
then feed me with food for my heart and mind.

They humble me with a kindness of the soul
strength in the face of adversity
the like of which I have never known,
touched by passion to instill change upon the world.

So I thank you most kindly my friend
for such a perfect introduction
and for the candle flame, lit for me
leading me out of the crowded darkness.


  1. I love this - so sincere and strong imagery - you capture the the power of words and the blessings of meeting poetic souls so well!

  2. Absolutely stunning and your voice through the poem is so strong. We are all blessed to meet these like minded people who pop in and out of our lives. Some people enrich it with their knowledge, some people you learn from. Great write, really enjoyed!

  3. Stunningly sincere. You engage the reader so well, that they believe you wrote it exclusively for them. Lovely. Q x

  4. I love the rhythm of this poem, but above all, it is so honest in its acknowledgements. It somehow addresses, nay encapsulates the almost hapless quest of the creative spirit, in a few short lines.

  5. Thank you all for your wondeful comments!

    It is so lovely to have such talented friends take the time to comment.

    Abi :)