Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Making Love

Making Love

Each time we meet, my doorstep treat,
Is looking in your eyes.

Your softly spoken accent, kisses my insides,
Whispering,   just be,   with me,

Your arms are like my fortress, Once closed around my heart,
Even the hordes of hades, could never breach this clasp.

Each thoughtful act of kindness, is your naked embrace,
It takes my breath away, quickening the pace,

You capture my enrapture, with practiced infinite skill,
Finding beauty in all that you see, even there in me,

You tend me when I am sick, a caress softer than velvet,
My soul sings, for the little things, that only you remember,

Each night when sleep is calling, your there right by my side,
My dreams calm in the knowledge, of our last touch divine.

(My latest poem is a celebration of my forever Valentine. For Himself.)

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