Saturday, 19 February 2011

Give me my dreams

Its 4am, I'm robbed again,
From the world of sleep,
All is quiet, in the dark,
Except the rain, outside the pane,
Driving me insane, dripping constantly,

I desert my bed, moved by pain,
Let him sleep, its his gain,
House is cold, feels surreal,
The only sound, water, all around.

Songs of my years, fill my head,
List won't stop, memories, keep topping up,
Then the words, tumbling out,
Flowing now, like a shout, begging to be written.

Can this really be, is this me,
Sharing my thoughts, Out to the ether,
Hoping for honesty, stupid maybe,
But I keep trying, better than lying.


  1. Abigail,

    Great imagery, & rhythm. I can identify with the thoughts interrupting sleep, & the urge to write becoming sooo overwhelming that it must be done! You certainly conveyed a message & an emotion well.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Sammy Sutton

  2. Sammy, thankyou for your kind comment :)