Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Softly now

I love you like the first snowflake
to kiss the frozen ground
on a moonlit winter's night
when no one is around.

I love you like the milky white magnolia bud
atop the highest branch
opening its beauty
for only the sky's eyes.

I love you like the last night star
still hanging in the inky sky.
As the sun starts to rise
I feel you in my heart.

I love you like the fleeting glimpse
of the rainbow's magic appearance
in all its glorious spectrum,
transparently for only me.

I love you like the parched earth
welcoming the summer storm.
Until you came I was sleeping,                  
now new life springs forth.

I love you like the skin soft breeze
that tickles me, whispering sweet words
inspiring me to breathe my own creativity.

I love you in the only way I know, by baring my soul.
I ask for nothing in return, for what I have is joy
to know you are happy. That is all I desire...


  1. Lovely thank you, nice imagery

  2. Even better the second time around.

  3. This one already sounded promising on Twitter! It is utterly beautiful.

  4. Martin

    Thankyou for such a lovely kind comment :)

    This one was a real work to draw to a close, but I am glad it is appreciated.