Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Mystic whisper

How did this begin
when did you come in
feels like forever
the story of never.
Where will it end?

I did not ask
no request made
yet you invade my being
I forgave
and still you taunt my mind.

You are nothing more
than an illusion
a mystic whisper
a shadow soul
a distance voice,
touching my inner space
with soft caress.

Not yet free
both held
within the fabric
on different paths of reality
you don't see me.


  1. I am reading a part of myself in your poem. So what else can I say than "wonderful"?

  2. Martin,

    Thankyou for your lovely comment :) It is wonderful you can relate to it.

    Thanks again


  3. Amazing Abigail, ... I feel connected to you in a parallel universe. Q x

  4. Hi Q,

    Thankyou so much for your fantastic comment! :)

    I am glad you feel it too x