Tuesday, 5 April 2011


Just off the winding road,
following the rough shod path,
through boulder strewn woods,
on side of mountain edge,
this world belongs, to Elven Queen,
clothed in every shade of green,
her royal moss coats everything,
Smells of damp earth, quiet yet,
a magical rumble calls me,
further into her fortress,
There lies the source,
the power of Nature's cycle,
rumble turns to deafening roar,
aside magnificent Lodore falls,
raging torrent of white and brown,
a million gallons hurtling down,
a crashing dance over boulders found,
entranced, I am held fast.


  1. Apt that the final word is fast because I think the lines gain speed toward the end. Nice poetic narrative, especially the emphasis on setting.

  2. Beautiful imagery!

  3. i agree with dustus your words are a riptide pulling us faster and faster along...but then again, thats nature...

  4. Oooo very mystical LOTR feel
    would love to read more flowing that direction

    great meeting you on twitter

    Moonie smiles

  5. Teriffic piece!

    One suggestion: Lose the "in" from the last line - just be held fast.

  6. Love it Abi. Nature's power and beauty captured by your imaginative pen. :-)

  7. Thankyou for all your kind comments :)
    Thanks Eric for finding my 'deliberate' mistake ;)

    I hope my further Words worth poems are liked too.