Monday, 11 April 2011

Moonlit folly

You say to trust lust,
I say, I can never go that way,
it would have me chasing stardust,
wishing on a star, far far away,

If I allow myself,
what delicious dreams I could have,
wandering without a care,
naked in his head,

I could reel, in senses overload,
to feel his skin, hear his words,
feel his lips, drawing me in, what a sin,

To ride astride, a unicorn,
lit only by moonlight,
to hear him whisper my name,
such wicked delight,

To roll within, a passionate embrace,
face to face, like dragons locked in deathly grip,
never letting go, lest he slip away,

No, love is a hard taskmaster,
that is for sure, but lust alone,
is but a shadow, a half measure,
leading me to folly's door.


  1. Oh yes, without love lust is rather hollow.

  2. Thanks for your comment Martin :)

  3. yeah, it is...a temporary secession that only enhances the loneliness afterward...nice write.

  4. great description of lust, and it is empty while love is full of life. honest writing :)

  5. lol now why is it, dear abigail, much of this has such familiar ring to it. . .I ponder :) job well done, lady :)

    Monty / bummy

  6. Great one shot. Lust without love doesn't take you very far.

  7. Wandering naked in his head -- such an awesome thought. Something tells me, with a heart and brain like yours, you are. Wandering naked in his head, I mean. :)

    So glad I popped over from One Shot!

  8. splendid write, awesome thoughts....

    lust is for the youth at heart, the transient and even the cowards, I learned that much

    thanks for the reminder :)

  9. Apologies for late thanks.

    Thankyou all for such nice comments. Glad you all enjoyed my impromptu look at Lust.

    Special thanks to Monty and my Muse :)