Friday, 1 April 2011

Can you hear them breathe

The spirits of the trees,
they comfort me,
providing support, for my back,
against smooth bark,
standing silently,
tall and mighty,
yet humble to the wind,
lest they fall too soon,

The sounds of the woods,
Soothe pained mind,
breeze gently rustling,
leaves on trees and ground,
an orchestra of birdsong,
greets those who listen,
the melodies sweet and high,
fill my sky for me,

I love these woods,
I know them well,
like old friends,
secrets they hold,
they have witnessed,
my fear, my tears,
my raging anger,
my ultimate bliss,
my stolen kiss,

Today I ask for nothing more,
than for solitude,
a quiet moment,
time to thaw,
to let go, yet know,
my roots are planted firm,
in my beautiful existence.


  1. smiles. i find a lot of comfort in the woods...i hear their song well....they are where i retreat when i need it....

  2. This sounds like a chant in my mind. What a beautiful poem! =* <3

  3. This is enchanting, really enchanting. So you are definitely relaxing ;-)

  4. Thankyou all for your lovely comments :)