Sunday, 17 April 2011


The sharp intrusive
tang of wild garlic,
an always reminder
where I am
where I once was.
Sat miles from the place
my memories belong
transported by a fragrance
through the fabric of space and time
to the wooded edge
of a nameless field.
Part of my heart
remains there still.
That day I sat
down by her side
I kissed her goodbye,
then held her while she died.

(NaPoWriMo 2011)

(posted for Oneshotwednesday on 190411)


  1. this one for engages all the senses...and is a sucker punch to the emo...nice one shot...

  2. Nice work. Somehow it seems sadder to me when it's an animal that's involved.

  3. I'd said any choice you made would be the right one, abigail, and I still stand by my words. this was wonderful choice :)


  4. yay you picked the one i wanted!!!!

  5. This has a powerful authenticity and an impressive economy of language, a combination which cannot fail to move one's emotions. Brilliantly crafted, James.

  6. A tribute from the heart that captures all emotions in simplicity! Well written.

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  7. This is a Great. Probably the best poem I read today (and I read a lot!) Absolutely lifted me into my authentic self. A keeper for sure!

  8. I'm sorry she died. But alas, we all will pass through to the new chapter. And I think it's a better place!

    I know the scent of wild garlic. It is all at once like onion and a tonic of African plains memories.

  9. Thankyou all SO much for such amazingly kind comments!

    Brian.. ;)

    James and Elizabeth, you left me speechless! :)