Thursday, 7 April 2011

Museless mirth

I wanted to write you a poem,
not just some mere little scribble,
the poem to master all others,
that would set the page on fire,

A poem that would rip you heart out,
and leave it still beating in your mouth,
that would reduce you to tears in a second,
then have you laughing out loud the next,

A poem that would sail a thousand dreams,
then inspire your greatest achievement,
That would aid the performance of your life,
and be thought of tenderly,
in moments of worry and strife,

A poem that would seduce your senses,
setting alight your wildest fantasies,
have you begging to stop, yet yearning for more,
like making love in a thunderstorm,

A poem that, after one reading,
would leave you no doubt,
no other could satisfy your desire,
then would live in your mind forever,

But try as I might, the words won't come right,
and so I am sad to say,
I am sending you this, signed with a kiss,
from my mind to your lips.


  1. We would surely all like to write such a masterpiece :) But for the one this one is dedicated to it must be very close ...

  2. Thankyou for your very kind comment, I am not sure if it was appreciated as well as you hope. But I hope it raised a smile :)