Saturday, 2 April 2011

Atop the rocks

As I sat atop, Crooks Peak rocks,
I surveyed the view across, the sunlit Somerset,
out to the east stand the Tor, the store, of Glastonbury's magic,
moving left, an almost perfect round, Axebridge's glittering blue pond,
Cheddar Gorge nestles close by, just hidden from my eye,
then to the south lies, Brent Knoll, standing alone,
a single rise, above the flattened land,
today above the river, hangs a dirty mist,
mirroring the muddy water, spread vastly out below,
As I watch, the wind is clearing, even this for me,
Sand point now showing, it snakes out westerly,
pointing the way to Wales, Just visible beneath hazy cloud,
the soft rumble of traffic, rises from the M5,
meandering beneath my gaze, it bothers me not,
for my ever companion, the wind, is lively today,
Pulling at my hair, chilling my ears, begging me to come play.


  1. actually i do like high places too...i hike 2-3 times a week and done a bit of mountain climbing and rappeling...some nice friends asking you to come play...smiles.

  2. Thanks Brian :) Glad you liked it.