Thursday, 28 April 2011

A Desert Rose

I yearn for understanding and yet I fear, I am further from the answers than ever before.

Was it an illusion I felt? Did the fabric deceive me?  My soul twisted and torn, left almost forlorn, all just a slight of hand.

Did I just misunderstand? when I opened the door offering trust, showing what I am. Was I measured and found lacking?

I feel the Universe is yoked in irony, is this some cruel joke? That yet again I fall on my face, tasting the dirt and blood intermingling.

As I rise from the earth once again, I wish to look in the eyes of he who judged me harshly. I want to react, but it is not in me.

All I have is my affection, the rest left dropped like shoes shed when running in the grass. I wait for the petals to wilt and fall.

But by some damnation, a divine twisted intervention, it lives still. A desert rose in the wilderness of this small moon.

You have no comprehension, understanding or suggestion. Either that, or a blackened soul of midnight coal free of obligation.

Yet still you have a diamond, stuck in the tread of your soul. It cannot be scratched by your endeavours shining still, I smile.

No dream or delusion, free from restrain of searching. Heart, body, mind and soul singing melodies, only wishing you could see.

(Picture kindly provided by Peter Wilkin with grateful thanks)

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