Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Phoenix rising

I feel the power rising from within
she is a mighty yet elegant feeling.
You caught a feather of her tail
as she was rising, she remembers you still.
But what are you to me now?
You who burned so brightly
searing a mark into souls satin
releasing a Pandora reaction.
You who are now different
and yet still unchanged.

As She flies on I look back
I see what I was
then inward at what I am.
I look forward again
to what I am to become.
Burning still I see..
will you fly with me?
For this time I cannot wait for you
for she is carrying me.

Take my hand if you wish
the choice as ever is yours dear one?
Forever is a promise I can't own
but your invitation was
signed in the cool light of day.
Trust is hard earned
but once there
will reward you with
a loyalty without measure.
Will you accept the challenge?

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