Friday, 25 March 2011


The wild and wicked, welsh dragoness,
loved tempting young men to their death,
it was the highlight of her day,
made up for all that blinking rain,

her burlesque beauty, was renowned,
known about, for miles around,
but with a flick of golden claw,
the amorous end up no more,

Her fiery kiss, rarely missed,
its target once selected, it made for light,
barbecue bites, should she be offended,

Her lusty look so strong, one young draglett,
did escape, fleeing across the boarder,
seduced by an angel, he liked to call Nigella,

Though her life was full of fun,
she craved to meet the only one,
he who could tame the beast,
not end up part of the feast,

the mystic man from darkest Yorkshire,
escaped only by the thinnest whisker,
trained dragon master thou he was,
he had not bargained on a keeper,

when Gorgeous George, came striding in,
she laughed aloud, at very thought,
how could he, resist her smile,
he'd be the first, for awhile,

But with his honeyed, foreign accent,
and disarmingly, charming, smile,
he made an offer, she just couldn't resist,
said, come research with me a while.

( written for a lovely Welsh Poetess - Shan )

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