Friday, 4 March 2011

Life's Tapestry

When she was very small,
timid as a mouse,
told to speak up,
stand up for yourself,

be your own person,
stand your own ground,
be proud of what your are,
enjoy your childhood charms,

they didn't explain,
no warning given,
of the harsh realities,
that would cut her vision,

confusion in her eyes,
clouding her happy smile,
not wishing to be the best,
just to fit in with all the rest,

Parents felt so helpless,
watching confidence wilt,
efforts to save her failed,
just adding to her guilt,

moving on she thought,
new people, fresh start,
but demons carried in her,
corroded the clean heart,

infatuation dressed as love,
stole her precious innocence,
so trapped within self built cage,
he tortured her teenage existence,

up stepped time, the ever healer,
arrived to save the day,
she found the key, flew away,
up to the hills she knew,

angels came to stay awhile,
but far too soon they left,
alone again once more,
wandered in the darkness,

touched by passion,
yearning for love,
she walked the path,
of broken hearts,

looking for her prince,
with white picket fence,
naive with little defence,
she soon became jaded,

Escaping from the clutches,
Abuse hidden by madness,
returning to the nest again,
discovering life re-invented,

Dancing with her sisters,
Glowing live independence,
she found the world, a better place,
than she ever could imagine,

Then that day arrived,
a knock upon the door,
looking up into a face,
she had not seen before,

His softly spoken words,
enchanted all who heard,
but his heart was sold,
to that little songbird.


  1. This a such beautiful poem, Abigail. A story of the heart. One line in your poem made a big impact on me: "abuse hidden by madness". Isn't that what madness is? The broken part of us. Which can be healed by love. Q x

  2. Hi Quirina,

    thankyou so much for your lovely comment :)

    It was a hard line to choose how to write, but yes your observation is correct, 'madness' did referred to the broken part within.

    Abi x

  3. It's always difficult to comment on personal experiences ... I imagine that it must have been rather difficult to carve out the essence of your own path of life. I am glad that this shines out: Amor vincit omnia.

  4. Thankyou for your comment, it does indeed. But not always as first thought :)