Saturday, 26 March 2011

Fear not

Storm is raging, just beyond the edge, calm has now descended, here where I stand, my land, people of choice, hear my voice, mindwind,

whispering softly now, gently lifting leaves, hear me, feel me breathe, my heart beats slow once more, not keeping score, happy,

Freed from Iron bars, holding fast, pain that lasts, sweet release, what bliss is this, we smile and know, all is well for now,

When storm comes full circle, hitting with tremendous force, holding on to knowledge, safe in the hearts, of precious few, anchor now,

Trust and faith, well placed, helps ride the storm, with pride and grace, pure pleasure then, like gazing on a unicorn.


  1. Such an emphatic poem! (I wonder what the background may be - but such questions are inappropriate.) It's a pleasure to declaim it aloud.

  2. Thanks for your lovely comment Martin :)

    It is a tribute to friendship, not an inappropriate question at all.