Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Silent Stepmonster (what is never said)

She's not my MOTHER! such a little statement, such a simple fact. Did you ever stop to think, that I already know that. Don't you think I might of noticed after all this time, then maybe if you were mine, would everything be fine?

Love is a powerful emotion, as I'm sure you now agree, but when did I sign up, for you to assign the blame on me? Was I the one who shattered your fairytale childhood, NO, I was just the next best punch bag, for your screwed up loss.

I'm really very sorry, it didn't happen how you wanted, but damn it, I did all I could to try and make you happy! So sorry that my attempts to help, aggrieved you so very much, maybe if I'd lied, or somehow let you down, would you then have felt, a little more in touch?

So ladies listen please, if you should start to fall, don't be fooled to thinking, his children can't hurt you at all, I would not suggest, that you turn and run, but please accept, you may become, a Stepmonster at some time.


  1. I had to come and spell check. Just had to, after your tweet. Hahaha.
    "I might HAVE noticed"
    There's an extra 'R' at 'you were mine.'

    wonderful post!! And I do hope the perceived stepmonster is embraced once again as a loving guide and soul. ♥

    Maryse aka @Wifsie

  2. Dear Maryse,

    Thankyou again for pointing out my error, I have corrected it, of course.

    Would you like the job of head proof reader for The Linnet? :)

    Thanks for your comment, most kind :)