Friday, 11 March 2011

Humanity’s profanity

Social conscious pricked,
By devastation wrought,
Upon our brothers out east,
Within the ring of fire,
Destruction brought by earth’s twitch,
Swept away by dirty flood,

Libya wake up,
You have the chance to dictate,
Your own fate,
Not like poor Japan,
For all the atrocities man can bestow,
Know, that with a flick of her wrist,
Nature will pale this into insignificance,

Gaddafi! Yes, I’m talking to you,
You have had your score in ten,
Release your men, from the task,
Killing their mothers, fathers, brothers,
These are your people,
You claim to love,
The world’s eyes are open now,

Libya lay down your weapons and talk,
Your cry for freedom has been heard,
Will the world powers listen?
God I hope and pray so,
For my heart is torn,
At the profanity that is war,
When compassion is needed,
Focus required on the terrible fate,
nature’s cycle has caused.

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