Monday, 21 March 2011

Amuse me please

restlessly waiting, drawn like a moth,
to the flames, craving kindred soul,

you were not there, in the beginning, yet,
seem like furniture, within my mind,

I offered, to show you, my dark side,
but, you were already there,

tendrils of my soul, intertwine,
in my mind view, when I think of you,

where once I was torn, now I stretch,
fitting you in, still burning my skin,

achingly attached, invisible thread holds fast,
my muse teases my soul,

Still, he makes me wait,

touched by genius, tempered by sorrow,
shaped by hardship, driven by epithany,

reflected by my eyes,

caught in the moment, soul spilling,
secret scarlett, my muse's smile formed,

flattering me, gentle words, mixed
with laughter, inspires me more,

suddenly, the mirror shook, sensing,
maybe, too many words said,

her scarlett flowed out, touching, mingling,
curling around, dancing with gold, green and purple,

slowing now, floating gently down, touching ground,
tentatively, all good things, have a beginning and an end,

Stolen once more, her passionate escape,
please return it, when your finished,

a living walking contradiction, howling at the moon,
she saw her reflection, once more,

something hidden still, she wonders what, why does it hide,
she has show her all, maybe foolishly,

his laughter, hauntingly, echos still,

touched by powers, known not, affected by feel,
ripped from moorings, set adrift in the stream,

confused, yet certain, this is no dream,

cruel twist of fate, or heaven's gate, soul flooded with light,
then turns to night, seconds pass like hours, waiting for you,

does he know,

to drink the sweet soul nectar, would be a treat worth trying for,
but I am not yet worth that dying thought, on your lips,

She looks once more, through the mirror, seeing the angel, behind,
shining bright, she turns once again, into the darkness, her night,

although his parting dims my sky, washing colour from my eyes,
up from the horizon comes, he who is my sun.

(Posted for Oneshotwednesday)


  1. rich words...

    lovely rhymes and enjoyed the hopeful sentiments.

  2. It sounds amazingly beautiful to me. The moth, the flame, the angel, the mirror - everything so beloved to me, you make it drift in your wonderful stream of words.

  3. this has marvelous flow to it, some off rhymes and tells quite the tale, a longing, yet...wonderful one shot

  4. Smooth flow to the poem among the many emotional twists and turns of understanding one's muse.

  5. Thankyou all for your most kind comments :)

    Martin, really pleased you like it.

    Thanks again

  6. Beautiful and soft rhythms I liked it very much..

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
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