Thursday, 31 March 2011

Do you remember?

She wanders on, beyond the realms of visual,
seeking further within, letting imagination flow,
leaving body to rest, swimming gently.
Where are you taking me? She asked the white rabbit curiously,
never stopping to think, why him, why me?
Just follow, she does blindly,
The hole was small, but tunnel large,
they moved with ease, passed the roots and stones,
further underground, the air cool there,
damp soil starts to change, colours glow, faint at first,
then growing to spectacular rainbow splash!
Oh she said, I would never have known,
the rabbit smiled once more, he had a cheeky grin,
you have been here before my dear, I lead you in your dreams,
really?, she said, puzzled, she couldn't recall,
seeing such beautiful colours before, he took her hand,
in his soft paw, deceptive in innocence, come on,
down further, he implored, as the rocks gave way,
they fell softly, through golden clouds,
within an indigo sky, she giggled feeling suddenly shy,
what is this world you bring me to? She asked,
he looked surprised, you should know my dear,
you created it all, for me,
I did, she said, trying to remember, such a monumental feat.
Are you sure, are you not the sculptor of it all, he grinned, not at all,
Finally, they landed, gently on their feet, on soft blue grass,
warmed by scarlet sun, shall we dance, he offered,
a hint of a smile crossed her face, why Mr Rabbit, I would be honoured!
Shall we invite all the little birds as well?
Of course he replied, I will dance with all,
who want to, that is, the girls of course,
as she took his paw once more, the music came from nowhere,
they lost themselves in the beat, dancing fast, and slow,
moving in time to the rhythm, creating rainbows, of butterflies escaping their feet,
Feeling the heat, she started to tire, eventually,
he suggested a swim in the river, glistening a ludicrously vivid pink,
she could think of nothing better, both jumping in together,
laughing at the coolness of the water, he watched her recover herself composure,
Are you enjoying yourself, he asked casually,
of course, she replied, light shining in her eyes, what is there not to like here,
He got immense satisfaction, knowing she was happy,
he leaped up once more, lets go see the dragon trainer!
Who is he, said she wary,
he is a great friend of mine, you brought him here too,
remember, try as she might, no memory came to her,
let's visit him then, she cried, racing ahead, he caught her up easily,
see you know the way already, he teased her,
laughing more, they ran on hand in paw,
They knew they were approaching his home, when rocks surrounded them,
shining with every colour, glittering their magic allure
started to sing a crystalline tune, high and piercing, yet sweet,
she looked, and saw him, clothed in emerald cloak, he smiled,
and said welcome back my dear, what did you bring him for, with a hidden wink.
The white rabbit bristled a little, she had forgotten how
He said, I thought I'd remind her.
Calm little rabbit, said he,
she would not have come any other way, anyone for tea?
Oh tea would be lovely, said she, come on please,
she smiled at the rabbit, oh alright then, said he, winking back at he,
mind your step, he said, I have left some eggs, somewhere,
little draglets played with chickens, like children on the floor,
oh she said, I have never seen pastel green dragons before,
that is because you left awhile, they have seen you, never fear,
after tea, reluctantly, she knew the time had come,
dear rabbit, she looked at him, holding back her tears,
I know its time to leave, but will you walk me to the door,
once more she pleaded,
he looked at her shining eyes, and felt her pain,
of course I will dear one, just come again soon,
nothing would please me more, than to return here,
but will you be waiting for me, that is the question,
he smiled, I am a busy one, but knock upon my door,
and if free, I will happily play with thee,
she knew this was the best he had to offer, so smiling bravely,
she hugged the dragon trainer goodbye, and out towards the purple sky,
they walked side by side,
you are starting to remember, he enquired, yes she replied,
it has been fun though, wouldn't you agree,
they hugged at the door, she kissed him on the cheek,
thanks dear friend, take care out there, outside this world of mine,
he grinned once more, and ran off skipping,
she opened her eyes, had she really dreamt it all,
just then the birds started twittering out side of her window,
she smiles, I wonder what today has in store for me?


  1. Wonderful! Just wonderful!
    I've never been a fan of 'Alice in Wonderland' but this is taking me right in. Such pleasure to let your words flow through my imagination.
    What a sculptor your are! BRAVO!

  2. It's amazing, a rabbit hole for imagination, if I might say so. And amazingly long ;-)

    "Yet if hope has flown away
    In a night, or in a day,
    In a vision, or in none,
    Is it therefore the less gone?
    All that we see or seem
    Is but a dream within a dream."

  3. What a magical trip! I've always loved Alice and the deeper metaphor behind her, well she was written in Wales lol. Really enjoyed the way you've painted the dream like prose in this poem Abi.

  4. Thankyou all for your kind comments. I had real pleasure writing this one :)