Friday, 20 May 2011

Victorian attraction

Sky seating on man made stilts
Held between the wide expanses
of sea sky and land
Air in constant movement
Tearing away the silence
Sun gilded shimmer the lines
Left from waves constant decline.

This place an alien space
From a forgotten time past
memories of fiery wrath
Destruction on a savage scale
Swept away under the evermore
rug of silt below
Only the forged pillars retain the lost
rememberings of that fateful day
Scorched underneath my feet.

Time's relentless march no more
ever present than here
Where both man and nature
refuse to be brought to submission.


  1. I see something like an ancient ruined house at the shore ... I think most of us have something like this inside - I hope that's no over-interpretation ;-)

  2. Beautiful poem, were man and elements stand together!

  3. Thank you all for your very kind comments, glad you liked it.

    Abi :)

  4. beautiful poem. I am touched by attraction.

  5. Beautiful way of describing decay, which can be savage or gentle, whether it is inside or outside. Q x

  6. vivid imagery,
    love the word flow.