Monday, 23 May 2011

Storm force

Stolen from my dream world
Who is that banging on the door?
I wonder why, my sleep fog clears
Wood knocking on wood, in savage repetition
No visitor would be so rude.
Peeking round the curtain, eyes open wide
Sash window frame being lashed back and forth
more like a piece of paper.

Childlike as a child does I ran for the door
My parents were worried, rightly so it seemed
high winds were not predicted that night.
Settled under kitchen table, no more sleep
Watchful, wakeful as the wind did its worst!
Gable wall joined the dance swinging back and forth
Roof slates raining down
lethal blades cutting deep into the ground.

Angelic force or twist of fate
The morning found us and the wall
standing still, shocked yet unhurt.
As we cautiously ventured out
The world was torn and twisted
Everything was broken, thrown all about.
An alien landscape greeted our eyes
Sunshine lighting our way
as tiny shards of ice rained down.
The storm had passed, but the memory
Burnt forever in my heart.

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  1. Absolutely incredible, Abi. Your description of something so very real also engaged the metaphor of emotional upheavals in our lives. Exquisitely written!

  2. So sad... your description took me there.

  3. yikes...i have lived through those storms as well...most notably the flood back in capture it well in your words...

  4. Shockingly vivid, but so true to the facts.

    Written very well.

  5. how well done and how timely for us here in the midsouth and midwest, abi. and what's always left me in awe is the eery calm and quiet that follows. for brief time, it's an alien world

    Monty / bummy

  6. Hundreds of tornadoes having criss-crossed our region of the Southeastern U.S. this last month, your poem strikes a poigant note at present. A really nice "Spared by the skies-wrath" poem from a child's perspective.