Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Face value

My eyes of sparkling hazel green
see beyond technicolour dream

My hair darkest shade of blonde crowned
cascades a kaleidoscope of gold and browns

My skin a light but some what olive tone
warmed by sunshine can hold its own

My nose is Roman so it defines
yet childhood accident breaks its line

My smile is wary but when shown sincere
it crinkles my eyes but better than tears

My mind is alight with pictures and words
churning relentlessly then forming like curds

My ears are open to verse and song
life playing my soundtrack all day long

My heart always welcomes new friends
when you see my face can you see past the lens?

(Picture taken by Beth Cross on Midsummer's Day)


  1. Beautiful picture, beautiful face, beautiful mind, beautiful poem on beautiful blog! There is a technical error, (hope you don't mind me commenting,)'passed' should be 'past.' I particularly like the phrase: 'forming like curds.' Lovely.

  2. Hi Elizabeth,

    Thankyou for your lovely comment :)

    My husband and I were discussing the passed and past thing in the car tonight. I have corrected now, thankyou.


  3. Thankyou Josh, you are very kind! :)

  4. Beautiful picture and poem, a friend and I were only just talking about seeing the real person inside yourself when looking at your own picture. Sometimes we are so busy picking out the faults we never really see who we are...
    Great poem! :)


  5. Absolutely beautiful and inspiring!!

  6. Thankyou Di and Lion for your most kind comments.

    Di, you are so right, I think this poem arrived to me after feeling down on myself about something saddening, then realising I am not all bad.