Saturday, 9 July 2011


Alas the beast still lives,
though free to roam further
it does return, in vengeance
spitting scarlet anger
it has not been tamed.
When provoked he reigns supreme,
oozing adrenaline into my veins
his wrath a fearsome force
searing body and mind, tearing holes
in the fabric of my fable existence.
Corrosion coursing across the
synaptic nerves of my sanity,
the dank blood coloured mist lingers on.
His life spark a unbending need for justice,
for the wrongs to be avenged,
for the truth to rise above
the sea of lies he abhors.
In his crazed myopic mission
he is oblivious to the pain,
he struggles on fighting the waves
that engulf the vessel I have become.


  1. Oh, how this poem speaks to me, touches me..about anger, about that "unbending need for justice" wonderful blood red imagry here. You are one dang poet!

  2. Very powerful, indeed. I can feel it to the core of my being!

  3. A wonderfully heartfelt poem that doesn't hold back but enfolds the reader in the writer's angst. I identified highly with this powerful piece and hope it will be published so that others can identify and benefit also. Well done!

  4. Thank you all for your wonderful comments.

    Elizabeth you leave me blushing!

    Thanks again

    Abi :)

  5. this is wonderfully spun, oh i know a few that have battered those ways, all for an illusion of justice...

  6. I especially love "spitting scarlet anger."

  7. oh nice the last two lines becoming the vessel pushing through the waves...bkm

  8. so powerful it takes the pain and throws it around you

  9. That red-line anger is a fearsome beast, always seeming to eventually skitter around the right flank of the better angels of out nature to take the high ground of our best intensions. Remind me never to tick you off, Abi. Some quite scary and personal descriptions and metaphors here. Powerful stuff, my friend.

  10. To all of you wonderful people, thank you for your comments! :)

    Joe, I can't imagine you ticking me off, don't worry. :)

    Thanks Abi