Sunday, 24 July 2011

The one that got away

Time moves slowly as I roll back
sinking gently, silently beneath the surface.
My breathing becomes me it is
my metronome, my calming force.

The cooling touch, the softest tug,
the absolute ambiance of water.
Balancing carefully as I glide deeper
below me the sunlight dances dappled
a myriad of colours show shining brightly.

The shoal tide turns suddenly
glinting like a thousand tiny mirrors
reflecting an almost angelic beauty.
I close my eyes and cast back
to capture your face, a glimpse
but it was your soul I saw.

(prompt: dappled sunlight glinting on shiny objects like a friends soul)


  1. what a tender capture well the fluidity of the water with your flow...and i like the turn to personal in the end...

  2. Poignant, killer ending!