Friday, 29 July 2011

An Interview with Death (Part 1)

The knock echoed deeply around the cavernous room within.
Waiting with breath held, the answer came "come in"
He was a sight like none I had previously seen
billowing black surrounding a figure of spectral lean.
A glint of silver caught my eye distracting me
but the tap of bone cold finger was
more than enough to divert my mind.
"Please be seated" and so we sat waiting, wondering why.
The clock ticked loudly marking the passing moments.
Finally, after what seemed like a lifetime had passed,
he spoke: "are you ready to go yet?"
I faltered, looking down... Then said "I don't know,
I think there is a few people I don't want to forget"


  1. The Grim Reaper's compassion
    So evident in his discretion
    Stubborn with the hard rules
    But unwilling to reveal
    The date and time of execution


  2. Our life is nothing but a death-bed...

  3. Nothing good is lost. I'm sure we don't forget the important people in our lives when we die... we'll see them again, before we return to new life and new challenges. :-)

  4. Do you know, Abi, I'm quite stunned, not by your adventure into a taboo, but I'm left with the kind of feeling you get from a serialised story; not your everyday tale of murder and mayhem, but something much darker, that leaves me with one question: "what happens next?", but without a genuine desire to know; more a fatal fascination; a need to know if you've got a date with devil or will someone suddenly switch off the lights. Ooh! *shivers*