Monday, 15 August 2011

Dragons Dawn #1

All is quiet yet outside
a rumbling is forming
the city beast awakes yawning
belching burnt fumes into the sky.
He scratches with vibrations
of a thousand engines
his eyes open as the sky lightens,
sluggishly he moves life blood
trapped behind the red light cholesterol.
His glass pane scales shimmer
reflecting pink mackerel sky,
his tail ebbs its watery way north.
He stretches far trailing suburban limbs,
leafy, sleepy to start, yet his claws are
sharp angles of inner urban deprivation.
His bite a frightening realization
combining wealth with pain
he slowly unfurls his living carpet
of wings waiting for flight again.


  1. An interesting poetic view onto a city as an organism.

  2. Excellent write. The imagery and journey/life you illustrated here is done very creatively. Really enjoyed it, thanks

  3. Wow, Abi...what great imagry"pink mackeral sky" "trapped behind red light cholesterol" very powerful words here..the city as a fuming, belching dragon. Original and eye-catching. And it flows. Good stuff!